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Pre-wedding photo – Mary & David婚纱摄影 – Mary & David婚紗攝影 – Mary & David

We sincerely felt that the photography and make-up crews of Alexander Hera including Sam, Johnny and Wing were very


Pre-wedding photo – Jenny & Natural 婚纱摄影 – Jenny & Natural 婚紗攝影 – Jenny & Natural

Natural and I would like to express our deepest thank for capturing the the spectacular pre-wedding portraits taken in

Pre-wedding photo – Jan & Kitson婚纱摄影 – Jan & Kitson婚紗攝影 – Jan & Kitson

Finally our wedding was successfully held! We would like to thank you and your team for your great service through the

Pre-wedding photo – Rachel & Arthur婚纱摄影 – Rachel & Arthur婚紗攝影 – Rachel & Arthur

We have always been a big fan of Alexander Hera’s photography – bespoke, casual, natural, and intimate. A

Pre-wedding photo – Elaine & Hubert婚纱摄影 – Elaine & Hubert婚紗攝影 – Elaine & Hubert

We believe that you should totally head over heels in love with this elegant pre-wedding photos of Elaine &


Pre-wedding photo – Nicole & Denny婚纱摄影 – Nicole & Denny婚紗攝影 – Nicole & Denny

From the Bride & Groom…Thx for the great job! You guys are the best! Thx for the very friendly and helpful East,

Pre-wedding photo – Yen & Michael婚纱摄影 – Yen & Michael婚紗攝影 – Yen & Michael

We really enjoyed the whole photo shoot experience from the first discussion to my wedding day! All photographers and

Pre-Wedding Photo – Cherry & Freddy婚纱摄影 – Cherry & Freddy婚紗攝影 – Cherry & Freddy

From the Bride & Groom…It was a great day on last Friday, we are luckily that weather was good during photo

Alexander Hera Pre Wedding Photo

Pre-wedding photo – Jane & William婚纱摄影 – Jane & William婚紗攝影 – Jane & William

The pre-wedding photos of Jane and William fill with the fun-loving-goodness and happiness. A lot of really unique and

Alexander Hera Pre-Wedding Photo

Pre-wedding photo – Regina & Gordan婚纱摄影 – Regina & Gordan婚紗攝影 – Regina & Gordan

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this life style engagement shooting of Regina & Gordan.  It’s totally

Alexander Hera Pre Wedding Photo

Pre-wedding photo – Cammy & Eddie婚纱摄影 – Cammy & Eddie婚紗攝影 – Cammy & Eddie

This engagement shoot is uber romantic!! There are so many beautiful shots of this cuddly couple. Engagement sessions

Alexander Hera Pre Wedding Photo

Pre-wedding photo – Lilian & Erik婚纱摄影 – Lilian & Erik婚紗攝影 – Lilian & Erik

We can practically feel the Love + Happiness radiating from Lilian & Erik’s engagement photos. The stunning

Alexander Hera Pre Wedding Photo

Pre-wedding photo – Mabel & Louis婚纱摄影 – Mabel & Louis婚紗攝影 – Mabel & Louis

Pretty and classic, the bride below is all about style. She is timeless and elegant and yet full of surprises. Fabulous

Pre-wedding photo – Annie & Erik婚纱摄影 – Annie & Erik婚紗攝影 – Annie & Erik

Wow, wow, wow. We don’t even know how to start this post to prepare you enough for the absolute gorgeousness you are

Alexander Hera Pre Wedding Photo

Pre-wedding photo – Janice & Phil婚纱摄影 – Janice & Phil婚紗攝影 – Janice & Phil

This gorgeous pre-wedding photos is one of the millions of reasons that why we love our job here at Alexander Hera.