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Pregnancy and NewBorn Q&A 大肚相-孕婦照的小tips


很多客人都想將懷孕時最美麗的一面記錄下來,但可能對於孕婦照/大肚照都有不少疑問,我們將透過以下的Q&A session為大家解答一些經常會被問到的問題,希望幫到各位準媽媽:)

Q: When is the best time to take pregnancy photo?
問: 懷孕多少週最週合拍攝大肚照?

A: We suggest you book a session in your 7th to 9th month, anywhere from about week 28th on. Of course, if you are feeling very big earlier, or are retaining a lot of fluid, you may want to consider coming earlier. As with all other sessions, it is a good idea to book in advance to ensure you get the time and date you are hoping for, as sessions tend to be booked at least a month ahead.
答: 我們建議懷孕7-9個月最適合拍攝大肚照,若果你覺得自己的肚已經很大,當然也可考慮早一點去影。請預早大概1個月前去預訂的們的孕婦攝影


Q: Do you provide makeup and clothes?
問: 你們包化妝和衫嗎?

A: Our pregnancy package includes makeup service, and we have serveral gowns in our studio that can be used for shooting, but there will be no fitting session. We also welcome our clients to bring their own favourite dresses for the shooting. Normally you can have 2-3 stylings during the shooting session.
答: 我們的孕婦攝影package已包化妝師一 名,化妝時間大概是一小時。我們通常建議客人自己準備衣服,以達到最理想的拍攝效果,但我們的影樓也有一些大肚裙給客人免費借用,不過就不會有fitting session。

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Q: Can my husband and children join the shooting session with me?
問: 我可以與我的丈夫與孩子一起拍攝嗎?

A: Yes we are welcome your husband and your lovely children to do the shooting with you for sure.
答: 當然可以,我們歡迎丈夫與孩子一起拍攝,不會另外收費。DSC_4936

Q: When is the best time to shoot Newborn portrait and how do I schedule before baby is born?
問: 拍攝Newborn什麼時候最適合?

A: Newborn sessions should be scheduled when baby is less than 3 weeks of age. This is the window of time that we found that we get the best results for those curled up, peaceful baby shots you love. The best way to schedule this is to book something 2 weeks after your due date, and then keep in touch with the studio if you give birth early, late , etc. We try to be as accommodating as possible when it comes to shuffling things around to accommodate a baby who has come earlier or later than expected!
答: 我們建議孩子出生後三個星期內拍攝,這段期間拍攝效果最好。你可以根據你的預產期或開刀日子去訂購我們的package。例如,預產期是3月1日,那你可以book大概3月14-21日其中一日作拍攝。若果訂購我們的package後BB比預產期早了出生,請盡早通知我們,若果攝影師日程許可,我們會盡量安排。IMG_6657B

Q: Will you come to our home for the shooting?
問: 拍攝Newborn你們會上們嗎?

A: Yes we understand that normally newborn baby and mother will need to stay at home a month after baby is born, so our photographer will visit your home for the shooting.
答: 我們理解滿月前媽媽跟初生嬰一搬都不會外出,所以拍攝Newborn時都會上們進行拍攝。
Q: What time of day do I book my baby session?
問: 一天內什麼時間拍攝Newborn最好?

A: For newborn we recommend an afternoon session, as some of the shots could be done under natual light
答: 我們建議下午進行拍攝,因為有些照片以自然光拍攝可達到理想效果。IMG_6731B


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