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Pre-wedding photo – Pinky & Cake

We always look for unique places in Hong Kong for pre-wedding photography. Not only capture the intimate moment for the pre-wedding shooting, but we also make each pre-wedding album exquisite and extraordinary. Pre-wedding photography is about technique as well, with aesthetic ability, our wedding photographer are strong in capturing breathtaking scene as well. With the post production by our professional photographer for the pre-wedding photos, we are able to make all these amazing pre-wedding photos!

Take a look at our pre-wedding photography album and wedding day photography album and get to know more about our how we make all miracle wedding photos!Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_dance_pinky_cake01Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_dance_pinky_cake04Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_dance_pinky_cake07Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_dance_pinky_cake06

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