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Pre-wedding photo – Patsy & Yu Hung

Every couple has their own requirement and passion for pre-wedding photos. Some of them ask for organic pre wedding photos whilst some of them ask for more classic and elegant wedding photography.

We put into every customers’ shoes so as to make the best pre wedding photos for each couple. Our wedding photographer are very professional and they will communicate with each couple before the pre-wedding photo shooting  so as to know more about the background and story behind each love story.

Have a glance of our pre-wedding photos and wedding day photo album to have more ideas about our wedding photography service!Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy01Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy05Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy02Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy03Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy04Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy06Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy07Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_patsy08

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