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Pre-wedding photo – Macau collection

Considering taking pre-wedding photos in Europe but you are utterly busy that cannot spend so much time? Macau may be another good option for you to take your elegant pre wedding photos! Our wedding photographers are very professional that they will understand the way to make your extraordinary wedding photos.

Take a look at our pre-wedding photos-Macau and wedding day photos to see our amazing work!Alexanderhera_macau_prewedding_Mable_Louis_01Alexanderhera_macau_prewedding_Mable_Louis_03Alexanderhera_macau_prewedding_Mable_Louis_04Alexanderhera_macau_prewedding_Mable_Louis_06Alexanderhera_macau_prewedding_Mable_Louis_05Alexanderhera_macau_prewedding_Mable_Louis_07

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