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Pre-wedding photo – Katherine & Vincent

What is your ideal pre wedding photos/wedding photos? Simply voice out and discuss with our wedding photographers and they could give you professional advice regarding the best location so as to match with your wish for the feel and atmosphere for the pre wedding photos. Just feel free to raise out your idea and brainstorm with us regarding the theme or main idea of your pre wedding photos!

Take a look at our pre-wedding photo album / wedding photo album to understand more about us!Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_pw_night_Katherine_Vicent05Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_pw_studio_Katherine_Vicent02Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_pw_dog_Katherine_Vicent01Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_pw_Katherine_Vicent03Alexanderhera_prewedding_hk_pw_causal_Katherine_Vicent04

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