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Overseas Pre-wedding – Fanny & Moses

Fanny & Moses took their pre wedding pictures in Taiwan. Let’s hear their amazing experience:

It’s a pleasure to have Alexander Hera, a brilliant and energetic team with outstanding quality of services, as my pre-wedding photography company.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the photographer, for bringing us terrific and joyful moments at Taiwan in last December. He is sophisticated to capture us at our very best, while in an unobtrusive manner, to reflect our genuine and candid selves in pictures. His excellence and professionalism is undoubted. Among other things, his flexibility and sensitivity towards people and his conscientious in work made his every piece of work amazing and timeless.

As well as our gratitude to the client manager. She is always kind, attentive, courteous and ready-to-help. With her prompt, responsive and efficient assistance, everything is settled with ease. Last but not least, we’d like to extend our earnest thanks to all other staff, for their friendly smiles, timely reminders and unfailing support. Your efforts will never get unnoticed.

Keep going- and excelling in the field of wedding photography in years to come! Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_02Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_01Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_03Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_04Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_08Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_07Alexanderhera_overseas_prewedding_Taiwan_Fanny_Moses_06

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