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Alexander Hera is a young, dynamic and creative team of photographers, digital artists, makeup artists, stylists and designers to bringing wedding photography to a new aspect.  We believe wedding photography is not just a standard task of the wedding; it is also a personal expression of each wedding couple.

Genuineness and exclusivity define our philosophy of making wedding photos.  Our vision is to make every wedding couple have their own unique memory under our camera.  We make the blissful moments in a timeless & natural way, creating images that the couple will cherish for a lifetime.

ALEXANDRA BRIDAL GALLERY – “Design Your Own Dress” service

Each bride has her own ‘dream gown’ that is the most unique for her wedding. Here at ABG, we offer a personalized service by first understanding your preferences on silhouette & other details. After your actual gown trial experience, we will further evaluate your choices & provide our expertise in order to create the final piece that will enhance and flatter your figure as well as to complement your personality and bring out your best!

Alexander Bridal Gallery Website: www.alexandrabridalgallery.com


Alexander Hera 是一家充滿活力與創意的結婚攝影團隊,雲集專業攝影師、數碼設計師、形像指導及平面設計師,為婚照帶來全新視野。我們相信婚紗攝影不應該是墨守成規的,而是要展現每對新人的個人特色,透過真誠態度及獨有技巧,將值得紀念的時刻,化作自然而恆久的影像。

Alexander Hera 以真誠用心的態度、獨有唯美的眼光, 留住新人最美好時刻,以細致獨有的影像,創造難忘一刻,記錄刻骨銘心。

ALEXANDRA BRIDAL GALLERY – “Design Your Own Dress” service

Alexandra Bridal Gallery 的婚紗設計精緻優雅,剪裁特別,多利用不同布料來塑造豐富的層次感。不過,最令人心動的,莫過於莫過於我們提供的Design Your Own Dress 服務。Alexandra Bridal Gallery 婚紗顧問首先向新娘詳細解䆁婚紗種類,讓新娘認識每個款式的特點。然後了解新人的婚禮場地及主題意念,再給予新娘選配婚紗的意見,避免婚紗與場地不相襯。 婚攝結合婚紗之後,Alexandra Bridal Gallery 更全面地給新人帶來一致的完美效果。

Alexandra Bridal Gallery 網站: www.alexandrabridalgallery.com

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